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Facts About A Drip Irrigation System

Q.) Is a Drip Irrigation system hard to install.

A.) These systems are the easiest to install, If you can cut tubing with a pair of scissors, slip 1/4 inch and 1/2 inch into connectors then you can install a drip system.

Q.) How is the water distributed?

A.) The water is distributed by a tubing reduced down to 1/4 inch with a dripper or micro sprinkler head which will deliver the water in precise amounts.

Q.) What is a dripper?

A.) A dripper is a device which mounts near or in the case of hanging baskets inside the basket and disperses the water in exact amounts measured gallons per hour. Most of these are color coded for different gallons per hour.

Q.) What is a micro sprinkler?

A.) A micro sprinkler is a device that delivers the water in different spray patterns by degrees and distance. Almost the same as large sprinkler heads except you have more control and save water also.

Q.) How is a drip irrigation system controlled?

A.) There are many ways to control a drip irrigation system. The best way is to install a timer is at your water source, usually where your garden hose connects. Most modern timers are digital and run on battery power.

Q.) What else is required to complete a drip irrigation system?

A.) One item that I highly recommend is a pressure regulator. Pressure regulators for drip irrigation are normally 20 or 30 psi. Your house pressure at your outside faucet can be around 60 psi. Another item to consider is a back flow preventer. These prevent the water rushing back towards the source keeping air out of your system.

Q.) Are these systems expensive?

A.) Absolutely not. The tubing and most of the fittings are very inexpensive. The most expensive item would be the timers. Depending if you want a multiple port timer or a single. Some timers can be quite expensive if they control a whole nursery drip irrigation system.

Introduction To Drip Irrigation

Drip irrigation is simple to installIf you are new to drip irrigation, let me explain what is and what it can do for you.  First of all simply explained a drip irrigation system can be classified as a micro watering system which disperses metered amounts of water saving you both money and helping the environment saving precious water.Here at The Drip Irrigation Depot we will show you little tricks to help you install your own system. Installing a drip irrigation system can be quite easy with just a few hand tools.

If you are wondering how much a drip irrigation system cost for your home, well let’s talk dollars and sense. For what you will save in water cost and your time will easily pay for a complete system. The very first time I was exposed to this type of system was in a large indoor nursery. I noticed little tubes going to each hanging basket and small spray nozzles over all the flowers and vegetables. This is called a drip irrigation system.

To your left you will see different types of watering systems with many kits to get you started with your own drip irrigation system.

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If you’re thinking about giving drip irrigation a try or you just want to learn more about it, this is the place to start. We’ll present information on a variety of subjects, at various levels of detail and let you decide what interests you. The nice thing about drip irrigation is that there is no “right way” to do it, there are only various “ways” to do it. Some ways may work better than others and most drip systems start out doing it “one way” and evolve into doing it “another way”. That’s another nice feature of drip irrigation systems, just because your drip system is setup in a particular configuration now does not mean it has to stay that way. It’s easy to change and/or modify the configuration of a drip system. So, a drip system will evolve as your needs evolve.

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Save Time and Money With Drip Irrigation

Save time and money with drip irrigation

Save Time and Money With Drip Irrigation

Save time and money with drip irrigation systems. Recent advancements in plastics and vinyl’s have aided the development of space age tubing, fittings, and drip heads know as drippers. Installing a drip irrigation system is a snap when you consider having to uncoil your garden hose each time you water your plants and garden. Let’s look at how you can save time and money.


· Save Time-


1. Installing a drip irrigation system takes only a few hours when planned properly. You must consider what you are going to water and the distance from the water source. This will help determine the size of your supply tubing and what types of vegetation you are watering.


2. Using automatic timers you can set and forget because your plants will get the proper amount of water each and every time. This frees your time so you can do other task or just sit back and relax while the watering that you did every day by hand is being done automatically.


· Save Money-


1. Your number one savings will be water. When you install a drip irrigation system, not only do you save money on water usage, you are also helping the environment by conserving one of our most precious natural resources. The word drip is just what it means. By using pre-determined drip heads which are classed by gallons per hour, your system distributes just the right amount of water to each individual plant.


2. Installing a drip irrigation system is a very cost efficient savings based on how much you have spent on garden hoses over the years. Drippers cost anywhere from 20 to 50 cents each depending on the type of water distribution you are wanting. Kits are available for gardens, hanging baskets, landscaping, and even row crops. With a simple punch tool just insert your drippers until you have all your landscape covered, then close the one end, hook the other end to your timer, it really is that simple.


If you are considering installing your own watering system, you will save time and money with drip irrigation system. Kits are available online or at your local home supply store. By installing your own automatic watering system, you will impress your neighbors so much they may also want to help the environment as you have. By the way, not only am I saving money, my wife loves the fact that her flowers and plants are the envy of our neighbors.

Landscape Drip Irrigation Kit-Review and Facts

landscape drip irrigation kitsAre you tired of getting your hose out night after night to water your landscaping, may I suggest the use of a landscape drip irrigation kit. Get ready to save over 50% on your water cost by using micro drippers and micro sprinklers. These small devices deliver water where it is needed, not wasted. I recently installed a landscape drip irrigation kit with full timer automation, and now I can leave for vacation knowing that my plants, flowers, shrubs, and trees will get the right amount of water while I am gone giving me complete assurance that my yard will survive the hot summer months.

See what others are saying about landscape drip irrigation:

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From Pennsylvania- “I really got tired of hearing my wife complain about her back and shoulders aching from lifting the sprinkler can up to water the hanging baskets, or getting the garden hose out to water the plants and shrubs around our house. So I decided to install a drip irrigation system. She is really glad that now she can sit back and watch her flowers flourish.”

 Happy buyer: “Great kit! I installed it yesterday and it has all I need for a a few dozen garden plants. The directions are clear, the equipment is complete, and (though I had leftovers) it is the best way to order if one knows nothing about what you need. It is working right now. Now with the thing installed I can order piecemeal the things I want to add without worrying if I’m missing something I needed the first day.”

 He thought it would be hard to set up: “I had put off setting up a drip system because it just seemed so complicated. After some searching I came across Drip Depot and their line of kits. I decided on this kit. The ordering process was easy and my kit arrived very fast. Once I opened it I found easy to read instructions and before I knew it, my system was installed. Thank you.”

 Here is what’s so amazing about installing a landscape drip irrigation kit. They can be installed in a day, of course it depends on the size of your yard, and all you need is a pair of scissors to cut the tubing. One thing to keep in mind is that these kits are expandable and can be made fully automatic by simply adding a timer. The average set up time for a 1300 square foot kit is about 45 minutes.

I highly recommend that you browse our website to see what kit might work for your yard.

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Drip Irrigation Backflow Preventer-Usage and Facts

Backflow PreventerThe main purpose of a backflow preventer is to keep contaminants from entering your water system. It’s a simple device, but also a necessity for a drip irrigation system. They adapt to your facet connection, I always like to make this the first device from my garden hose connection.

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Product facts:

  • Made of high quality plastic
  • A must for every home drip irrigation system: to prevent your drinking water from becoming contaminated.
  • UV protection: To ensure long trouble free use
  • Reasonably priced: Price ranges from $3 to $15 each depending if brass or not
  • Threads; ¾” FHT x ¾” MHT



“I placed a chemical tank on my water line feeding my homemade lawn sprinkling system. The chemical tank provides liquid fertilizer or weed killer to the water that goes on the line and this little gadget here prevents it from leaking back into the house and poisoning everyone inside the house. It works! Thankfully”


“ A definite must for anyone installing a drip system, easy to install, and it gives you piece of mine knowing that it prevents dirt from entering your house water system.”


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